Love is Here

by P. R.Lowe
February 13, 2020

Lovely places… pretty faces      tree
gracing the trees and plants
with smiles that beguile
the caterpillars and bees
these are the things
to take home in your camera
your pocket… your heart
they stand apart
from a world seemingly
gone mad with sadness
anger… and fear
and they are always here
right beside you
to sooth you and guide you
to another world
that unfurls itself
before you everyday
to a loving space…
and better way

Note: …been humming the song “Love is Coming” ever since I got back from my all day stint in town yesterday…and as I sit here by the window with my journal …these words come to me…”no, it is already here…..just allowing it to come in is the thing…..allowing it to wash over you…to flood your senses …to see and feel the “pretty” that resides at your back door. Can you see it feel it…embrace it….even inside where clutter and “to dos” seem to lurk in every corner???

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An Auspicious Time….

A new Journal begun…A Druid Moon (second quarter)…Imbolc…a new month…and a new decade. I choose a day of rest and ritual….seeing, being, celebrating all life… large and small, seen and unseen. Time to move out of and away from the sludge and into the light…or better said “into My light”. Time to sew seeds in different soil…in a different way…and perhaps new seeds altogether ..not the ones carried over from the old garden…magic seeds that have fallen in your path over the last year and perhaps for many years passed…the ones that have been gifted you over and over by that “other garden”…the ones you have trodden over or even ignored..or felt too busy or tired to bend over and pick them up…let alone plant them.
Step with care over the plowed up clods and find fertile, secure and loving spaces for your self and your new seeds. Protect your secret garden and avoid the plowman who may not have their best interest at heart.

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more wondrous things

look closely….a leaf inside a  leaf….surrounded by leaves…magic…..DSCN2185


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Diary of a Mad Hatter…back to faerie land

P.R. Lowe, January 27, 2020
I love this quiet space in the mornings that I am often the receiver of…more often than not these days There have been “many-a-time” when I did not have this and would long for such a luxury (even when I was a child). No rhyme…no reason, no need to complain or explain to anyone (as the queen would say)….so why am I wasting this space thinking of people… so and so and so and so on (and OMG, is there actually a new one or two in the line up?) And did you really think I would name them here? Aside from being pointless, it would just place them in concrete blocks and set them about the garden forever; to stumble over? Let me get back to wonderland -faerie land, if you will, and my warm tea, and what is outside my window. And let me release and vanquish “the list” and the “to dos” that seem to be marching right along side all those faces and names like an army of ugly warring trolls determined to squash every flower in the meadow – in the valley – in the realm. And let me not think on it, dwell upon it, or write about it any more…my tea is tea is getting cold and the day burns bright down the garden path and into the woods, where all is as it should be.

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Wondrous Things





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A Prayer to the Trees

A Prayer to the Trees
By P.R.Lowe copyright September 23, 2019

When You step into the woods and stay for awhile – still and quiet – another world begins to open up to you:

Open my eyes so I may see all that is before me
Open my ears that I may hear all that speaks to me
Open my heart so I may feel your presence where ever I go


Bibidee Bobidee Boo

Bibidi Bobidee Boo  (from Diary of a Mad Hatter)

by P.R. Lowe, copyright September 24, 2019

Lately, in the midst of doing something, I will find myself in a sort of knot -a grimace on my face, muscles all balled up, teeth clinched – a sort of battle of will between me and some unseen someone who’s holding me back or trying to tie my hands behind my back – a knot of struggle and effort- like I am trying to break free from bands of restriction. And it doesn’t seem to matter what I am doing—even simple stuff like washing dishes, feeding the cat, getting groceries out of the car…its weird. Then usually, but not always, I’ll hear a gentle, soothing voice say, “Stop Struggling.”, like the faerie godmother from Cinderella has said “bibidee bobidee boo” and I do, and everything changes-my posture, my expression, the task before me and most especially my attitude…and I suspect the rest of my day (and potentially the rest of my life?). It is great! -not the “struggling” bit but the faerie godmother (person, being) who steps in to help and I am grateful for her (or him, or them or they).
…and I get the feeling that it is not something inherently wrong with me, that is… a character flaw, personality trait or malformed gene…that I am not alone in this unpleasant experience. From what I glean from the words and actions of other folk, it is happening to them as well. Sometimes when I go out into “the madding crowd” – especially at the gas pumps (“gateway to the evil kingdom”) or find myself in a box store check out line that is particularly brewing up some ill-will, I want to turn tale and run as fast as I can to the nearest hole in a tree and close the bark behind me….speaking of which…
…even the squirrels seem to be having difficulty maneuvering through the muck. Sometimes I find myself saying to one of them, “Relax little one, it’s okay.”…and perhaps what they hear is, “Bibidee bobidee boo!”
Maybe we should all get together and hold hands and sing, Bibidee Bobidee Boo
check these out!!

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