Thru the Window


Copyright © December 9, 2017

by P. R. Lowesnow trees

Snowing. I am reminded, gently. The trees are glorious. They whisked in my window this morning, as I drew back the curtain, and wrapped my heart in their presence…and all was right with the world.


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Sylvan Lines

Copyright © December 6, 2017

by P. R. Lowe

She lives in that place of spine and sinew

of life that runs through the pine and the willow

and lines of silver rippling through the earth

just below the surface tying all trees together as one

and sending messages to the sun and beyond

no cell phone required

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There Be Fairies Here


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A Holiday Message From the Trees

“Drop your shoulders…release the darkness…come out of the smog and into the light…relax your body and soul and spirit…be at peace with yourself and your world. copyright:  Nov 21, 2017, P.R.Lowe

“You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” _Eleanor Brownn


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So Something Else Can Be

by P. R. Lowe

copyright © October14, 2017leaves

Leaves lying

spying on me as I walk by

Leaves falling

calling my name again and again

to come and fly


free in the arms of something

I cannot see


I watch and listen

to the beauty of letting go

so something else can be

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Artificial Labels

“…the fragmented, specialized, particulate approach to knowledge that typifies most of science (including medicine) is erroneous at its very root. We must learn to see problems in relation to the whole and not become lost in the divisions of our artificial labels and definitions.”

_Dr Richard H. Pitcairn

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Dancing Tree

by P.R Lowe

copyright © October 5, 2017

                                                            Dancing by the road

as if it were not theredtree3

What you bear in your heart

is a deep part of me

for I see the changes

you embrace with grace

and I choose to be

like the dancing tree

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