Lost In My Own Bones

Lost in My Own Bones
by P R Lowe
June 27, 2020
Show me something beautiful
tell me something good
for I am feeling lost in my own bones
and cannot seem to get home
to somewhere I should be
melancholy waves of song
of somewhere I belong
pour out from the tree of my heart
and ride the tide from the vast ocean inside
where I am part of something grand
I feel it, hear it, and know it
yet cannot seem to speak it or show it
so others might understand


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The Eye of The Storm (Diary of a Mad Hatter)

Diary of a Mad Hatter
The Eye of The Storm
By P R Lowe
June 23, 2020
Enough is enough is enough…..
some times, in these times, I feel as though I am standing still in the middle of a hellacious f***ing storm that is whirring wildly around me….I find myself telling myself, “Don’t listen to it, don’t watch it, and definitely stay out of it.” A tornado comes to mind….and the stillness in the eye of the storm. Am I in the eye of the storm???? Perhaps that is not such a bad place to be? The storm will surely wear itself out, the whirring will stop, the dust will settle and I will find myself in a different place than where it all began. Maybe there will even be a yellow brick road to follow and “ding dong” the wicked will be dead………

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Extremely Relevant Irrelevance

from Diary of a Mad Hatter

by P. R. Lowe, June 2nd

There was a wee gnat…on my knee as I settled into drink my tea. I picked it up to send it away ….and of course…I squashed her/him…I killed it…”What a thug! I suddenly thought of myself!” Without a thought or care I snuffed out this Life…not even really thinking about it being a life, really, until the deed was done. I was then suddenly aware…(again) …because I have been here before…moving fire logs or stones and inadvertently destroying lives and homes…ants, bugs, worms  lizards…entire communities. I am reminded of a time when I used to weed eat and mow for pay and eventually stopped…too many severed arms, legs. and wings flying about, and sticking to my trousers…as I became transported into the pain and fear and chaos I was creating… I just couldn’t do it any more. This may seem extreme to some…but at the heart of it, isn’t there some profound underlying “something” that is truly relevant and worth a ponder? Do humans do this to other humans? We know they tend to do so to animals and creatures and beings of other realms…perhaps not out of malice or viciousness,  but simply because they do not see or hear them… they are not even there or “real”to them. An insignificant gnat on the knee? Perhaps these humans only feel present, or a part of a very, very tiny world where they are king (or Queen)… basically the chosen one… the divine sovereign and ruler??? Their wake up call is on the way…..

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Too many words….

from Diary of a Mad hatter

P. R. Lowe, May 30, 2020

Too many voices

Too many words

Too many lies pushing to be heard…..

If you must talk to someone, speak with the trees…better yet just sit with them quietly and listen. “Can you let go of the crap? Can you be more beautiful in your home? your body? your mind? your spirit? Can you let all the meaningless dialogues, opinions and warring defenses slough off your back, down the hill and into the creek and down to the river, and on to the ocean where they sink into the cool nothingness… where they mutate into whale song?

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…if only with the moon

from Diary of a Mad Hatter, P. R. LOWE , May 24, 2020
The ravens speak to me from the trees…the world is still and quiet…a heaviness hangs in the air. Sunlight and moisture dance together around the forest floor to encourage and sustain life… I thrive on their rhythm. The peaceful bird song brings me once again to a healing space. I ask to carry this out of the woods…and into my home…and into my day…and into my life…and to share these wondrous gifts…if only with the moon…  

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Someone Was Here Before Me

Someone was here before me,

dancing around the tree……

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wondrous things…

Things become clearer to me in the woods.

From afar…..

closer look…

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A re-blog for these times

copyright © August 30, 2017

by P. R. Lowe

What one believes becomes real on some level, but often what one believes is an illusion created by external forces. Often the surreptitious information from these sources has shifted the wiring in the brain and affected our abilities to heal ourselves and to love others (others meaning “all others”, including rocks and trees and rivers and rain drops). And I am not talking the kind of love we usually consider to be love, such as romantic attachments or sexual attractions. I’m not sure it can even be described by limitless words. It is of the truly true variety.

There is a truth that tells you to love, to forgive, to have compassion, to share and be respectful of your environment and all it’s inhabitants, (breathing and non breathing). Then, there is a truth that tells you that you are running of time and threatened by your environment and almost everything in it, that you must work hard and earn your place here through struggle and control; to overcome your environment and get what you can while you can before its too late or before some other body (human or creature) gets it first.

There are other truths of course, but these two stand out as the major forces that drive us and also drive us apart. They have been at odds for millennia (ever since man hit the planet running). But there is a place deep in the forest where neither one of them matter at all. A place so pure with love and joy that not even death can separate them from everything that is; the presence of being —where no side is chosen, where being is enough — “love and joy” being simple words to describe a place of divine presence, where every creature every leaf, stick, rock is held in an unerring equality that most humans have forgotten or have never known or fail to recognize when it is upon them because of what they “believe”, which brings me back to where I started.

That there are two sides and one must choose is the biggest lie of all.

deep in the forest

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Finding Clarence

Now would be a great time to look for Clarence, i.e., clarity plus guidance. Look in those places you thought you had long forgotten or left behind as a child. Clarence is there,waiting for you to come home.

There is…..

A Gathering in (breath)

….and a stretching out (breath)

Like the Ocean  (breath)…..Like the Wind….(breath)

Like the seasons (breath)….Like the moon…(breath)

It is the heart beat of the earth.(sigh)

Can you hear it? …Can you feel it? (smile)


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Remembering the “Others” (during these times)

Where ever you are! PLEASE REMEMBER THE ANIMALS and OTHERS!!!!If you have considered reaching out and doing something kind for someone or making a donation to someone that may be in need, please consider that many pet adoption centers, nature centers, animal rehab programs, Humane Societies, animal rescue and even arboretums and “saving the forest” programs and many more such unselfish programs have had to close their doors. But the animals and their friends are still there and require food and care…..So please make a donation to such an organization today….(you’re getting a stimulus check so no excuses!) If you feel uncomfortable with giving money, then donate food or volunteer your time!!!!

raccon belly

gwyns paw

Thank U!

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