Abundance of Butterflies


Copyright by P. R. Lowe May 18 ,2010

I blinked

and forty years later

I seem to have created a business about my life

that has sucked the life right out of it;

trying so hard to be productive and creative

that those juices seem elusive in the high speed chase.

Here, with trees, I tune into something other;

going into the silence,


slowing down,

reconnecting with a sister or brother

father or mother

of rock, and creek and sky.

Challenging to recall the reasons why

I have done what I have and sometimes continue to do…

can I just walk and be present?

In the walk itself and nothing more?

Can I let go of everything and just be here?

Just show up for the magic act?

Dainty purple flowers on a carpet of green.

An abundance of butterflies.

An abundance of nourishment and healing.

I interfere with deer; can I be here and not interfere?

Can I exist and not intrude?

Can I fly and not be in the pilot’s seat?

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1 Response to Abundance of Butterflies

  1. Kay Montgomery says:

    I love the essays and poems on your blog. You are truly an amazing writer and have such valuable things to say in such real, poetic, plain and simple language. What a blessing your work offers to all who open themselves to it.


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