Praying (excerpt from Deeper Into The Woods)

Copyright © by P. R. Lowe, May 20 2010

………..So for me, praying has become stopping; making a time and a place in my life to be sure that what I am asking is truly what I desire, for I am also learning that one really does get what one asks for and continually, from moment to moment, creates one’s current reality, whether cognizant of it or not (or even willing to admit to, or own that much responsibility). “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” _John Lennon.

 Then sometimes life is what happens because, well, “that’s the way it is” or “that’s the way it has always been.” The next time you hear those words, dare to ask, “And so, tell me when and where ‘that’ started and who started it? And why?” Chances are, you will get a blank stare. No one seems to know, including those seemingly in charge. Or you may get a quote from a learned scholar who got his knowledge from another scholar, who got his from a book, based on information from a book, and if you follow the trail you will probably find that the original text or information is no longer available — maybe burned at Alexandria or buried in the Middle East somewhere.

I begin to see thru the illusion of how I have lived, made money, spent money, even bought into the fear of not having enough of it for myself or anyone else; generally how I (we) have behaved in this world for such a long, long time.; so far back, that the whys and wherefores of our initial catalyst for doing thus has become lost or veiled.

Ever clearer, are the systems created to govern, protect, and in effect, sustain that behavior. Systems, that have in themselves, become living entities; vast corporate machines completely detached and devoid of humanity, not to mention anything resembling nature; a stranger, a deviant being without a heart, someone in some far off, non existent land, seems to be in charge. And as we all know, one cannot function indefinitely without a heart; no heart, thus – – no blood, and finally, no life. Yes, even a mysterious, massive machination such as this can lose it’s life blood and die. So why the big surprise when chain stores close, banks flounder in a sea of confusion, and strange maladies seem rampant. It is a law of nature, (the laws these entities have tended to leave behind) that something must de-construct to reconstruct, especially when it has lost it’s heart, – – especially when it no longer serves anything but itself; an entity detached from its environment, the earth and all its organisms, minerals, metals, elements…for it is all interdependent. Energy. And it’s not just about people, “people”. As lovely and connected as they may or may not be; as in control of things as they may think they are, they are nothing without the elements.

So? Is that what I am doing? Am I de-constructing, so I can I can reconstruct? All I seem to be sure of is here amongst these trees, plants, mountains and rocks. I feel the peace of their process and am learning a more benevolent way of being in this world; that grace, and especially gratitude, is not from, or for, any one thing; it is a state of being. * see poem: Gratitude

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