The “I” (excerpt from Deeper Into The Woods)


Copyright © by P. R. Lowe, May 20, 2010

……….. ( late in the night) The “I” comes from the center of everything and nothing; so deep in the center is it’s beginning that it can only begin to move out, for to move in it would only implode upon itself and start its journey outward again; that is creation;  God – the “I”.  The “I” is neither up or down, black or white, male or female (it finds it’s expression of these things outside itself). It is the center of all and everything…….

I go down this pit, to the very root of me, traveling to the center — the root of growth itself, of everything – of me; there I rest unquestionable –- no doubt about the who that I am, no fear — only endless calm like a silver sea that spreads out to eternity. The more I extend myself, the more I move away from that center and yet when I find that center, that source of place, I cannot help but extend myself. When I go to that centered place, I receive information; no, I do not “receive” information, I am information itself. I am in the field of all that is, was, and will be, for everything comes from that center.

What the tree knows and what I know, are one and the same. I only arrive here by being still. It is this in-ness that is expressed in art, poetry and music for I believe it may be inexpressible in the conversational word.

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