Mary and Elizabeth (auto writing)

Copyright © Dec 2, 2008 By P. R. Lowe

Mary and Elizabeth are one, I am in both of them, they are both in me, the sins of kings, of queens, of prime ministers , presidents of the past and of now, lay open for the people to tread upon …the truth is exposed thru technology and lies can no longer be hidden….magic merges with science, the dolphins return home to tell others of our coming, Atlantas rises up, all the wiser for its falling, a new dawn is calling, come and accept the bliss, own your kinsmen, and leave your churches, faith is not built upon stone and mortar, the kingdoms of energy are not without but within us, they lay not in foreign countries or planets afar but within our own hearts, our own minds, our own words, our own deeds, the greed is ended, and integrity is now, lies can no longer hide, and fester behind closed doors, Kings and Princes and Queens and ladies in waiting can no longer be led astray with whispers behind closed doors or charters from some court, we are no longer subjects to be ruled, but rulers of any subject we choose, should the sun grow cold and the moon burst apart …there are suns and moons and suns and moons… that will rise again and fade and rise again and fade…….ride the wave.

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