Tree of Flesh and Bone


Copyright© by P. R. Lowe, May 31, 2010

Oh tree of flesh and bone,

do I alone hear your plea?

Is it just me?

Or is there a storm brewing?

Are we stewing in our own soup,

the route of which began aeons ago,

leading us here to this illusion of fear,

so that many hear your voice

amid the clap trap of plastic and metal?

Can we settle into your blessings and grace,

moving forward

in our own time,

in our own space

from the heart

that does not part itself from source?

Can we set a course for integrity?

The truth of which is in your every leaf;

dispelling the grief of past,

dissolving the fear of future

into the breath of now,

which, somehow, you breath continually

into the ether, below and above

revolving in ever expanding circles

of unattached love.

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