Embodiment of Grace

Copyright © September 18, 2010, by P. R. Lowe

The presence of the great black oak soothed me after a day of imagined difficulties and I knew instantly:

……trees are the embodiment of grace in a world that seems to tremble at the slightest hint of loss, change, or scarcity. Trees are the embodiment of the polarities; holding both the darkness of the earth and below, and the light of the sky and above. They are firm and flexible. They are lively and dormant. They are male and female. They are in love continuously and remain completely detached. Their energy remains long after their bodies crumble or fall. To whomever comes and without judgement, they give shelter, food, medicine, and water. They consume and transmute toxins from the air and gift back the breath of life, asking nothing in return. Their perfect communication system stretches the globe, connecting continent to continent, ocean to ocean and ocean to land, without wires, cables or satellites.

We have taken them for granted far too much, consumed them far too greedily and failed to “see” them far too often. If any one or any thing is, indeed, indigenous to this planet, surely it is them……

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