Diary of a Mad Hatter

Sometime in late February

panicky, drumming birds at my window. at dawn. dead finches in the snow. frozen pipes and grumpy guts. it’ll pass soon, I tell myself – everything does.

They’ve been at it again. Those *%#king lines in the sky!

What if the so called chem trails and those who lord over them were actually attempting to – “quote, unquote” – do something “good” (the term good here, meaning something one would ‘like’ as opposed to something ‘nasty and distasteful’ – good and bad being relative of course).
Perhaps avert a disaster? Save the planet, or at least mankind? (Since mankind seems to be the most relevant creature on the planet, to some).“Mankind”- – interesting word, a bit of an oxymoron? Offtrack. Anyhoo….is there as much benevolence as malevolence? Are they balanced? Or out of whack? Where ever you find one thing, do you always find the other? Are they a cosmic pairing? And wouldn’t they be okay without us? Does it seem like humans, or at least a good majority of them are always trying to fix something, or unfix what hey thought they fixed or worrying about what might need mending tomorrow? How does that affect any innate balance, if there is indeed some? And if there is not, however does the rest of the gazillion planets and stars out there manage without us? Mmmmhhh, do they??? And isn’t it really just a matter of opinion and aren’t opinions kinda like ass holes, everybody has one?
I hear the voices outside my window……….
Walk in the snow. Smell the Cedar. Revel in a fresh flowing source of water. Ignore the delegated lines between creatures. The world is under siege. It is quiet and invisible. Disconnect from your cell phones, Ipads and devices…even if just for a wee while. Can you?
Are we being poisoned or protected? And what difference does it make? What to do? except worry or stew? In someone else’s juices or stew pot?
Why worry?. Isn’t the planet as safe as its ever been? Hasn’t some controlling shithead been trying to run things since his (or her) feet hit the earth running ,way back when? And likewise hasn’t someone been trying to fix it all ever since?
Addendum: found this at a friends house while sitting on the toilet, how apropos.
“….there are things beyond the minds of men and we must avoid trying to find so called logical reasons for everything. So I say, “Go into the wilderness with the animals as your brothers and sisters so that you may enter their spiritual world and come to a better understanding of our Earth Mother.” _ M. Norman Powell from Ingus

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1 Response to Diary of a Mad Hatter

  1. Julius says:

    Your writing is like diving into unknown beautiful waters..never finding the bottom..but enjoying the depth of where it takes my heart and mind to dream and wonder.


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