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Diary of a Mad Hatter

Sometime in April, 2015 I dreamed again last night. Of what, I shall not share completely – only that it gave me pause to arise from my bed. I will say there were unpleasant, disgruntled people there who seemed only … Continue reading

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Running Deer

Copyright © 2008 by P.R. Lowe (Excerpt from Walking With Trees) I am brother to the wolf sister to the sparrow and in my marrow there rests a lost tribe Inscribed in my soul and ages old it catches me … Continue reading

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Dancing In The Corn Field

(written 2014) Copyright © April 12, 2015 By P. R. Lowe The forest drops it’s confetti Minute white petals indiscernible to eyes unlooking They cover everything and lay cooking in patches of dying summer The hummers vanish one by one … Continue reading

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Two Male Elves

Copyright © July by P. R. Lowe They stepped from a slit in the very fabric of the air. They were so beautiful – indescribable beauty to look upon. Is this – – – are these what the ancients described … Continue reading

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Druid Moon

copyright© April 6, 2015 by P. R. Lowe The Moon hangs like an ornament to decorate the navy sky and with my cat I crunch through rusty leaves to the cedars where shadows grieve for the day The sky is … Continue reading

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Gossamer Poison

copyright© April 6,2015 by P. R. Lowe The skies are scattered with what I know not It lights on tree branches like gossamer poison The trees The lungs of earth They gasp then shift their perspective and carry on

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