Dancing In The Corn Field

(written 2014) Copyright © April 12, 2015
By P. R. Lowe

The forest drops it’s confetti
Minute white petals
indiscernible to eyes unlooking
They cover everything
and lay cooking in patches
of dying summer
The hummers vanish one by one
and butterflies suck
the last juices of the sun
The sweet nectar of life
I can hear fall deep within
the tall green grasses
Yet like molasses
the sweat oozes down my spine
And in time
spiders squeeze through cracks
to get inside with me
while the little ones with spiny backs
leave webs across the trees
I hear them giggling to ensnare me,
but they no longer scare me
I’ve been invited to the ball
I’m going dancing in the corn fields
where raven is my friend
where all one feels
is an earth that’s humming
winter’s coming

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