The Precipice of Pan

by P. R. Lowe
copyright © May 25, 2015

The power that rocks and bends the tree
is the same that lies within me
The awesome splendor of nature unleashed
releases that which I am
and I dream of kings
of things unsaid or unseen
of passages hidden
chambers locked and scrolls forbidden
It has come to this
the culmination of grievances
freeing me in aloneness
I belong to no king or country
or man or religion
I hold the space for creation
to take its place
there is nothing wrong and nothing right
just an in-betweeness
where I attach to none of it
neither fear or fight
I understand that earth has been
far more forgiving than men have been.
So look up and look up again
see the tall trees
like wavering sisters
we are not all akin
sisters of earth
brothers of man
and children of gods
all admixed
can we be fixed
I go to dance in the fog
where heaven and earth meet
I greet the magic returning
and stand at the precipice
filling with the essence of pan

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