State of Being {Awakening Acorn}

copyright February 11, 2016 by P. R. Lowe

The land is sacred.
One has only to walk upon it to know that. {I feel compelled to add, “often enough and long enough, in awareness of where one truly is.”}
There is wonder in a blade of grass and the scent of the cedar, grace in flowing waters and love in the lake. An ocean’s love is so deep and abiding that it may seem unfathomable to one lone human standing on it’s shore: yet the whale knows and experiences this power daily. The dolphin knows and sings it’s song. The otter knows. And the salamander knows and the crows and frogs and bugs know. The snow knows and the rain, so too the mountains and the plains. Open your eyes and ears and heart and mind. Tread lightly, listen and watch. In the tiniest beginning pine cone or acorn awakening, there is a message for you.
So I ask, is it about saving whales or tigers or even trees? Saving anything, really? Or is it about something far more subtle, less visible in a world seemingly gone a bit mad with fear. How about preserving integrity, or perhaps even creating some in your own world to start? This little bud, this awakening acorn has the power to grow into a mighty oak.

Integrity- 1. the quality or state of being complete; unbroken condition; wholeness; entirety. 2. the quality or state of being unimpaired; perfect condition; soundness. 3. the quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprightness, honesty, and sincerity.
_ from Websters New World Dictionary of the American Language

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