Walking Mantras (Switch It Up! Erase and Replace!)

March 30, 2016
Note: For “back story” see bottom of page.

“My destiny rides squarely on the back of my imagination.”_ Shonda Rhimes

I have all the time in the world.
I am free of hurry, worry, stress and feeling pushed.

I accomplish my chosen activities with ease, grace and efficiency.

I am well and healthy. My Immune system is strong and takes good care of my body.

My Immune system continually has the strength and power to maintain me and my body in perfect well being, health, joy, and love, with ease and grace.

I release hurry, worry and stress.
I release fear and doubt.
I release sorrow and guilt.
Already done:
I have released hurry, worry and stress.
I have released fear and doubt.
I have released sorrow and guilt.

I welcome and embrace perfect health and happiness.
I welcome and embrace peace and prosperity.
I welcome and embrace wisdom and knowledge.
I welcome and embrace my true nature.
I welcome and embrace the expression of my true nature, my beauty and my talents.
Already done.

I feel great and have vibrant energy and joy.

My body is strong, flexible, and healthy .
My immune system keeps me and my body in good working and playing condition.
My body is lean and fit and carries me with ease and grace.
My love for and connection with Jonus brings me great peace, comfort and joy.
(Note: Jonus ia a dear friend who died in 2014)

I am enthusiastic and well pleased with my life, my home and my relations.
I am loved and supported in ways that are harmonious with who I truly am.

I listen to and hear my body and joyfully give it what it desires and requires to function in good health and harmony in its environment.

I love you body. I respect you body. I thank you body. (Embracing my body and sometimes going through each body part.)

I am grounded and have perfect balance and stability

My spine is strong and flexible and carries me with ease and grace.
My legs are strong and flexible and carry me with ease and grace.
My knees are strong and flexible and carry me with ease and grace.
My ankles are strong and flexible and carry me with ease and grace.
My feet are strong and flexible and carry me with ease and grace.
My neck and shoulders are relaxed and continually releasing any tightness, pain or stress.

Some appropriate quotes:

“Be vigilant; guard your mind against negative thoughts.”_Buddha

“The thought manifests as the word; the word manifests as the deed; the deed develops into habit; and habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its way with care, and let it spring from love born out of concern for all beings.” _Gautama Buddha
Back story:
When I find myself in a crap mood upon waking, or any other time of day, I listen carefully to what is being said in my head (way before it is spoken or shared aloud). Then I switch it up! Erase and replace any thoughts of doom and gloom with their polar opposites. Example: “.Man, my back hurts.” to “My back feels great! My back is strong and healthy!” Another example: “Oh crap! What a dreary rainy day.” to “Oh what a lovely day! I love the rain and how it replenishes the earth and my soul!” Then I say the replacements aloud, then write them down; maybe more than once and say them often throughout the day. I keep a book of happy thought replacements and refer to them often.

A form of this works with people as well. When ever someone is walking about your head kicking over boxes, reeking havoc and messing with your thoughts, visually bring in the fork lift and gently remove them (careful not to hurt them of course) saying something simple like, “I wish you well now get out of my head.”

Nothing new here, as the quotes I have included in this piece can attest to; so too, the myriad books and movies on the topic. However it is sometimes referred to, or thought of, as thinking positive; which I have found to be a rather puny, inefficient way of moving forward these days. One must really begin the process of rewiring the neurons of the brain, sort of like signing up for an exercise class and sticking with it…doing the work; a bit like a bicep curl…a conscious, repetitive, actual movement that can produce a desired result in muscle (matter). Lifting the barbell once and just “hoping” for the best just doesn’t cut it!
I have practiced some form or other of this general idea off and on ever since “The Secret” came out, and I have come to see that what has worked for me is a continual practice of changing my thoughts way before they become spoken words. And as far as the old cliché of “manifesting”; How about starting with loving what you already have? That will put the universe (and you) in a better mood (or dare I say, “frame of mind”).
And lately, as I walk this sacred property, the mantras have been coming more fast and furious than ever, as if I am being offered a salve to heal the ether about me; the media: news, magazines, television, chem-trailing, and general doom, gloom, sickness and fear that floats about like a invisable spider’s web waiting to settle on a malleable and unsuspecting head.
Feel free to use the mantras I have offered here and change them to make them your own. And review them and change them as your neurons are rewired. I wish you well, in every since of the word.

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