Amazing “Goings-On”

by P. R. Lowe

some time in late may

Amazing and wonderful things happen here…
I had been up since 4:30 AM.
Woke up with bad shit in my head and a grieving heart.
I pulled my lavender-raccoon into my solar plexus and hung on for dear life. Yes, I sleep with a stuffed raccoon. So f—ing sue me….
I swear, sometimes I can feel the entire planet.
Me and Jonus used to hold each other like that…deep in the night… against the boogie-man…especially when the winds raged and odd energies shook the planet…threatening to rip out the very soul of her and me…kinda hard to explain…it was like a vortex…a vortex to another world…oh, but I’ve meandered way off track.. and besides I don’t really wanna talk about this right now…it scares me, I think…and Jonus is departed to another place and left me here with this odd raccoon for company.
Back to this place…
It was barely light outside. A mist was moving down off the mountains and into my trees…beautiful…and kinda eerie all at the same time. (As true beauty often is to man).
Something was moving about in the yard.
Ivey…my foster cat, was watching it (them)..also kinda eerie.
Bears? No…not that kinda energy. Raccoons? Squirrels? The usual menagerie? Nope. A deer perhaps?…or faeries?…or elves?
I strained to see in the dim light and caught a glimpse of something white…pretty far off the ground and kinda floaty…and moving fairly rapidly…outta the light that was now spreading over everything.

What would it be like to be out there? In it…in that place?…before the actual dawning?…right at that moment when this place is pulling up its pants…changing clothes…switching modes?…that in-between place of amazing “goings-on”…between night and day…and dark and light…our world and theirs?
I was sad no longer…and my grieving heart leaped a little… rejoicing in the prospect of something other than what humans see most of the time.

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