The Cessation of Time


by P. R. Lowe

copyright July 4, 2016

July1st (already?).

Time just seems to be cruisin’ on… a swift sail boat in a high wind….then just as swiftly it comes to a crawl like a sick slug. Sometimes it seems to halt completely….no time; the world stops spinning and the ether is filled with eerie stillness and silence.

What is time anyway? How did all the clocks in the world get in sync? Who first woke up one morning and said, “I wonder what time it is?” When did the sun and moon and stars become just not good enough? If one cannot wrap his or her head around the concept of time, is it even a real thing?

Yes things change and go through seasons…the ebb and flow, the come and go, but is this something that can be measured in synchronized increments?

Is time changing? If we invented it, can we un-invent it (Daylight Savings Time comes to mind)? Is that what we are doing? Have we chased our tail for so long that we have finally caught it and now run in circles faster and faster, still chasing a non-existent means to an end? A point A forever trying to get to point an B? A spinning top or tire’s hubcap comes to mind; it can spin so fast that it appears to be holding still?

Is time ending for us? Is it no longer serviceable? Has it lost its purpose? Doesn’t the tree continue through her (or his) cycles whether the clock is ticking or not? And without a watch, how does the tree know when to do what? Or if she (or he) is in sync with the rest of the trees? Does a tree know if it is young or old? Does it matter? Perhaps each bit of life the tree experiences is just as valid as the other. Does the tree even have a concept of “other” or is it simply alive as it is in each moment, fully experiencing its state in that moment? Perhaps without even a concept of other moments or the need to judge one against the other?

The cessation of time might be a scary thing to some but in the world just outside my window it seems to have never really mattered much anyway.

Each entity does what it does in each scenario then it is gone and another comes.

The definitions in Webster’s for the actual word “time” are varied and extremely numerous, but all rather vague.

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