Something Else (Diary of A Mad Hatter)

sometime in late august…

where is everybody? no ravens. no birds. only a lone squirrel. The birds have been scant for some time. is it the season? are they off doing more important stuff? fluffing there nests for winter? or is it something else? what?

It seems so quiet outside…eerily quiet. and last night the usual band of raccoons (momas and babies) didn’t come to forage around the house. I only saw one scrawny coon hiding under the picnic table and s/he looked sore afraid. is it bear time? or something else?

I did see a youngish cub scavenging a day or so ago. s/he was alone. poor sod. must be hungry. the first bear I have seen in quite some time…the family of four has long since gone…or at least moved on…higher up…further back

I’ve been seeing bear hunter vehicles on the roads and parked at local stores. and when I do, I get this visceral urge to yank them outta the truck by their shirt collar like some bad ass TV cop, throw them against the truck and rough them up…its instant and fleeting, but wow! where does that come from? Its deep…

…about the birds. it is full-on summer. lots of seed pods. yeah, that’s where they are…why eat human cast offs when you can feast with mother nature….kinda like processed food vs home-grown.

…as for the bears, I imagine them all curtained in a harry potter invisibility cloak free to move about unseen, unheard, and most importantly un-harassed.

…peace to the bears. peace to the birds. peace to the land. winter’s on her way. or is it something else?

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1 Response to Something Else (Diary of A Mad Hatter)

  1. Rolling says:

    somehow your piece made me think of think back on the Charlotte Mew poem (The Trees are Down) that we will be reading in class this week and I posted link to your piece to the teacher who would be teaching it. peace to the bears and the birds, the land – amen.


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