Squeezing Through the Needle

Sometime in mid September

…dreamed of my sister last night…who, doesn’t seem to be fairing too well… health-wise (at least in real time). in my dream she was buoyant and funny and laughing… a young thing full of dreams and beauty…in the dream we laughed, almost uncontrollably and it was good to be with her in this way. I awoke thinking, “If she can just get through the rough patch, I know she’ll be fine…good…better than good.”…the trees reaching in thru my bedroom window seemed to whisper a wise comfort, as they so often do on this sacred piece of ground…death is kinda like birth..like squeezing thru the eye of a needle…before you break out into another realm…its the squeezing part that sucks…like being born…letting go of what you are leaving and doing your best to navigate that narrow birth canal from one place to another, with as little pain and regret as possible…. is it better to just let go?…. just be in the flow of the process? …could we be excited about traveling to new horizons?…. to be excited rather than afraid? could we? if only we were schooled more in both death and birth. why aren’t we? in fact we rarely speak of death until it is upon us or someone we love and yet it is all around us, in everything we behold…if we could remember the moments before our birth or even our conception, I’m guessing it would have felt a great deal like dying…at least for awhile…until we broke out into the light (and that must be really scary at first for a little new human)…very much like the days and moments before death…ouch.

…some people believe there is nothing after death, but if that were true, there would be no forests, no universe, no nuthin’…really…for dying and birthing are a married couple…always finding each other to make babies…creating…and yes, sometimes arguing with each other…at opposite ends of the stratum, yet the same …forever linked..if one walks in the opposite direction they will always meet the other.

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