age old battle?

Sometime in early October

…this thought in the gray stillness of dawn: (leaves reaching through the window) “people are definitely aliens here.”… look at how they have counter-existed with earth rather than co-existed…they just don’t seem to fit somehow. ..take some of the touristy spots for example, specifically the mountains and beaches…once havens of serene beauty and awesome skies; now crowded with high-rise condos, asphalt, smelly cars, shit-restaurants, trash and stinking air (not to mention most cities…don’t even go there!)….people crawling over them like maggots on something freshly dead…voraciously consuming everything they can as fast as they can…and leaving nothing but garbage in the wake (literally..ever seen a ship?)

I do not “intend” to have such thoughts first thing in the morning…they just come sometimes like bolts outta the blue. I would much rather begin my day with sunshine, roses and unicorn farts….yes, well, and sometimes I do….for the lines between these thoughts are as inexorably entangled as the age old battle between Enlil and Enki…one desiring to use and enslave the natives, the other desiring to free and befriend them… only the choices have become murkier in the onslaught of information and misinformation…propaganda and circus media (perhaps they had this bullshit in Enki’s time as one form or another!)

…one would hardly think that shopping at El-Cheepo Mart and using a cell phone constitute abuse or enslavement….but alas, on some level they do. (guess it just depends which level one is on as to what one sees or believes) I suppose everyone, down to the smallest amoeba, is just trying to eat regular and find a comfortable place to poop.

..make the kindest choices you can. remain in peace….

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