winter: to be or not to be?

..very first day of November…

It is indeed November. The trees speak of it. The air sings it…my sinews feel it. It is golden, but a much different golden than October’s….deeper… more red and orange than yellow….and something else.

Some of the trees are bare of leaves already….some partially bare…some burnt orange…some magenta…and some…still full with green foliage. Odd…. it’s as if winter can’t make up it’s mind to come or not to come….

…if “they” would stop playing with the weather perhaps nature could get back to doing what she does best… I say “they”, but really?…aren’t we all responsible?….if one drives a car at all?…or uses a cell phone?…or even something as seemingly innocent as buying “individually wrapped” products?..then one is culpable….the old cliché, “No one to blame but yourself.” Is this why so many seem so pissed off these days?…at soul level…they know?

That’s the Bitch of it…hard to stand at the pulpit and complain about pollution and global warming when you drove there in your car, drinking your K-cup coffee from a Styrofoam cup, and eating a plastic wrapped muffin (even if the muffin is organic)…or going to a conference on “green living” and flying 3000 miles on an airliner to get there….

It’s crazy…it’s all just crazy…..stay in peace and make the kindest choices you can.


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