Everyone Has One

by P. R. Lowe

sometime in November….

Opinions are kinda like butt holes, everyone has one…politics? religion? your job, health insurance, your benefits, or lack of? Your race, your religion, your age, your gender, your creed, your color, your country…right or left or in the middle…and mostly an opinion depends on where you get your information from, and the bits of information you accept as valid are pretty much because of what you already believe and are willing to accept. There is so much information and misinformation afoot that one can pretty much justify anything or anyone.

…and yes I have a butt too…and an opinion…and that is: without our sweet planet to support and sustain us, none of it really amounts to a hill of beans (will there even be any beans?)…unless of course there is a plan underway to invade and inhabit another planet…which is entirely possible… as I, just like the rest of you, do not have all the information…(and even if we did, could we wrap our heads around it?)…and much of the information we do have fed to us on a daily basis is mostly toxic and non-conducive to co-habitation (in the larger sense of the word) on this planet…let alone another one.

***AUTHOR’S NOTE: any other time I would have placed this little rant in Diary of A Mad Hatter, but this time I chose to place it in Voices of The Valley. Why? Because the Valley does have a voice and much of the information I receive on a daily basis does not come from Fox or CNN or television or radio or even the internet. Does that make it more or less valid? Only time will tell…unfortunately “hindsight” may be too late for some of us.

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