Advice From a Tree

copyright © December 20, 2016

by P. R. Lowe

Imagine water as the elixir of life, see water as a tree does see; drink and appreciate. Imagine water as Nwyfre, or life force…that invisible force that drives and sustains all life. Allow water to succor your soul. Give thanks for water and air, avoid abusing them or taking them for granted. Breathe deep everyday, consciously heal and protect the air, your immune system and the earth you walk upon, feed upon and depend upon for your very existence. Get outside everyday, make conscious contact with the ground, the trees, flora and stones. Place special stones anywhere you might feel pain or suffering and breathe their energy in. Speak with the animals and creatures and hear them in return. Feel the fire, create fire in your body and spirit with conscious movement and dance. “Exercise” is real magic, it it takes will and focus and manifests real changes in the physical. Food creates fire in the body…make conscious choices …from your heart, not just your head or from outside information..listen to your own body, then fuel the fire with its request…don’t second guess yourself…especially based on what someone else says or what you have been told.

Last, definitely not least, cherish and protect your spirit. Don’t let the “Blue Meanies” get you down. Trust your own inner guidance …avoid being sucked into the media world..stay with the forest, visit often, and carry out the light into the rest of the world. Consciously set aside time for your spirit to rest or soar…what ever it desires to thrive within you. Beware the dark ones…stay strong in your center…in your resolve. Make wiser choices with your earth in mind, for you are one and the same.

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2 Responses to Advice From a Tree

  1. Wonderful, wonderful words 🙂


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