Strange Berries, Strange Days

June 22, 2017

I went out this morning to pick a few blackberries, intent on leaving most of them for the bears and other critters…just wanted a taste, as there is nothing quite like a fresh berry outta the hot sun…and just being there amongst those tangled, snatching vines in the humid air always gives me fond memories of going blackberry picking with my dad… deep in some neglected cow pasture with not a house or road for miles. That was quite an adventure! but also another story, which I fully intend to tell some day (he was definitely fae-folk)…but the story this morning is that I came home with photos rather than berries and a big “What the F***?”

The berries (all of them) were covered in what looked like white powder. Was that there two days ago? When I first made plans to come back and get a few? No, I don’t think it was. I would have noticed immediately just like I did today. Sooo what is it? And should anyone eat them??? Chem-trail residue? (oh, I forgot those aren’t real…at least according to some folk.)

But aside from berries covered with some unintelligible residue, the last day or so has just been friggin’ weird…(yep, even weirder than usual for the last few years) and I have found myself desiring to shut myself up in the house and turn on the AC, not something I usually wanna do or see as a particularly high choice…..I almost feel like I am hiding from something…avoiding something outside…escaping from…but what? Am I the only one feeling this way….I kinda doubt it. So what to do? Bear says to marry my star power with my animal power…in other words, my instinct with my intuition. Basically stop worrying about the whys and whats, do your best to stay in love and outta fear and follow both. Ahhh, the polarities once again.


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