Have a Joyful Equinox

Autumnal Equinox, “…the year descending into the ocean.” _Nuinn
a time of harvest….a powerful time to open to the energy of the fruit of the earth, and the fruit within our own life – to take time to reflect on the harvest that is occurring on the land around us, and then all that has happened to us , and all that we have gleaned or learnt during the previous year. _ from druid teachings (OBOD)
Pieces of light
By P. R. Lowe September 23, 2019
rise up with the sun
there’s much to be done
whisper the trees
and the bees
and the birds
the turtle
the dove
even the stars and the moon above
hiding behind a blue curtain of morning sky
and I still in my robe
bleary eyed and wet toed
walk gently on the earth
feeling it’s yielding
to the rhythm of fall
the call of winter
in every dangling leaf
still warm in the belief
that summer will last forever
I shiver and go back in
and begin my prayers
for the longest night
that all will come right
with the earth
and therein I curl
and begin to unfurl
pieces of light from the dark.

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