Bibidee Bobidee Boo

Bibidi Bobidee Boo  (from Diary of a Mad Hatter)

by P.R. Lowe, copyright September 24, 2019

Lately, in the midst of doing something, I will find myself in a sort of knot -a grimace on my face, muscles all balled up, teeth clinched – a sort of battle of will between me and some unseen someone who’s holding me back or trying to tie my hands behind my back – a knot of struggle and effort- like I am trying to break free from bands of restriction. And it doesn’t seem to matter what I am doing—even simple stuff like washing dishes, feeding the cat, getting groceries out of the car…its weird. Then usually, but not always, I’ll hear a gentle, soothing voice say, “Stop Struggling.”, like the faerie godmother from Cinderella has said “bibidee bobidee boo” and I do, and everything changes-my posture, my expression, the task before me and most especially my attitude…and I suspect the rest of my day (and potentially the rest of my life?). It is great! -not the “struggling” bit but the faerie godmother (person, being) who steps in to help and I am grateful for her (or him, or them or they).
…and I get the feeling that it is not something inherently wrong with me, that is… a character flaw, personality trait or malformed gene…that I am not alone in this unpleasant experience. From what I glean from the words and actions of other folk, it is happening to them as well. Sometimes when I go out into “the madding crowd” – especially at the gas pumps (“gateway to the evil kingdom”) or find myself in a box store check out line that is particularly brewing up some ill-will, I want to turn tale and run as fast as I can to the nearest hole in a tree and close the bark behind me….speaking of which…
…even the squirrels seem to be having difficulty maneuvering through the muck. Sometimes I find myself saying to one of them, “Relax little one, it’s okay.”…and perhaps what they hear is, “Bibidee bobidee boo!”
Maybe we should all get together and hold hands and sing, Bibidee Bobidee Boo
check these out!!

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