Diary of a Mad Hatter…back to faerie land

P.R. Lowe, January 27, 2020
I love this quiet space in the mornings that I am often the receiver of…more often than not these days There have been “many-a-time” when I did not have this and would long for such a luxury (even when I was a child). No rhyme…no reason, no need to complain or explain to anyone (as the queen would say)….so why am I wasting this space thinking of people… so and so and so and so on (and OMG, is there actually a new one or two in the line up?) And did you really think I would name them here? Aside from being pointless, it would just place them in concrete blocks and set them about the garden forever; to stumble over? Let me get back to wonderland -faerie land, if you will, and my warm tea, and what is outside my window. And let me release and vanquish “the list” and the “to dos” that seem to be marching right along side all those faces and names like an army of ugly warring trolls determined to squash every flower in the meadow – in the valley – in the realm. And let me not think on it, dwell upon it, or write about it any more…my tea is tea is getting cold and the day burns bright down the garden path and into the woods, where all is as it should be.

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