Love is Here

by P. R.Lowe
February 13, 2020

Lovely places… pretty faces      tree
gracing the trees and plants
with smiles that beguile
the caterpillars and bees
these are the things
to take home in your camera
your pocket… your heart
they stand apart
from a world seemingly
gone mad with sadness
anger… and fear
and they are always here
right beside you
to sooth you and guide you
to another world
that unfurls itself
before you everyday
to a loving space…
and better way

Note: …been humming the song “Love is Coming” ever since I got back from my all day stint in town yesterday…and as I sit here by the window with my journal …these words come to me…”no, it is already here…..just allowing it to come in is the thing…..allowing it to wash over you…to flood your senses …to see and feel the “pretty” that resides at your back door. Can you see it feel it…embrace it….even inside where clutter and “to dos” seem to lurk in every corner???

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