The Great Equalizer & HAPPY EQUINOX!

Someone recently remarked to me that the current “buggeroo” .that is having its way with most of the world (I shall not name it, claim it or put it on a leash and walk it about!) was the great equalizer…much to that simple remark. MUCH coming into balance, even if from where you are standing it may not seem, look or feel like it. Someone also shared with me that pollution has decreased and the birds seem to be singing a lot louder. It is a great reminder that humans are NOT the only inhabitants of this amazing planet!…..”the great equalizer!”
So here at the day of the spring equinox…when the light and the dark are coming into complete harmony.. when the light will be on the increase. I urge you to go out and just sit under a tree and be in peace ( after all you may actually have the time now.)..”all is as it should be”. We just seldom get the whole picture. So I leave you with the following Druid prayer
Grant Great Spirit thy protection
and in protection, strength,
and in strength,understanding,
and in understanding,knowledge,
and in knowledge, the knowledge of justice,
and in justice, the love of it,
and in the love of it, the love of all existences,
and in the love of all existences,
the love of Spirit and all goodness
May there be peace in the North
May there be peace in the South
May there be peace in the West
May there be peace in the East
A blessing on your days
A blessing on your life
A blessing on the land

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