Extremely Relevant Irrelevance

from Diary of a Mad Hatter

by P. R. Lowe, June 2nd

There was a wee gnat…on my knee as I settled into drink my tea. I picked it up to send it away ….and of course…I squashed her/him…I killed it…”What a thug! I suddenly thought of myself!” Without a thought or care I snuffed out this Life…not even really thinking about it being a life, really, until the deed was done. I was then suddenly aware…(again) …because I have been here before…moving fire logs or stones and inadvertently destroying lives and homes…ants, bugs, worms  lizards…entire communities. I am reminded of a time when I used to weed eat and mow for pay and eventually stopped…too many severed arms, legs. and wings flying about, and sticking to my trousers…as I became transported into the pain and fear and chaos I was creating… I just couldn’t do it any more. This may seem extreme to some…but at the heart of it, isn’t there some profound underlying “something” that is truly relevant and worth a ponder? Do humans do this to other humans? We know they tend to do so to animals and creatures and beings of other realms…perhaps not out of malice or viciousness,  but simply because they do not see or hear them… they are not even there or “real”to them. An insignificant gnat on the knee? Perhaps these humans only feel present, or a part of a very, very tiny world where they are king (or Queen)… basically the chosen one… the divine sovereign and ruler??? Their wake up call is on the way…..

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