The “Sweet Hours”

The “Sweet Hours”
(Diary of a Mad Hatter)
by P. R. Lowe
copyright Nov 30, 2020
The “sweet hours” … between 6 -9…when day time is only a thought between worlds … unformed and beautiful in its infancy. I stretch, I roll over, I feel the warmth and soft texture of lovely covers …I am taken aback to a cozy te-pee. The noise of the outer world has yet to reach me … I am still afloat in a delicious place of peace and calm and cozy comfort… no mad dash to anywhere… physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Here in the bosom of twilight I rest easy and free… I am the me of all my beginnings and endings…. here, and in other worlds, places, and times. I sink deeper into my bedding, allowing my head and my heart to be in complete accord before I rise to meet the birthing of a new day …where the last leaves of autumn, still wet with midnight rain, drift down into their rightful place upon this earth. The Christmas crazies and the pandemic panic are a trillion miles away dragging with them all the ugly voices, and contorted faces, and meaningless opinions.

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