Dancing Leaf, Falling flowers(always a poem in progress)

by P. R. Lowe

April 20, 2021

copyright April 20, 2021

Dancing leaf                                               
and falling flowers
counting the hours to Beltane                                      
and fanning the flame
of Solstice coming
There is a humming of bees
and a groaning of trees
as they stretch for the sun
the one that gives them happy
and the green
after a weird and wondrous winter
where something seemed to splinter
and fall away
leaving fresh fodder
for beetles and worms
all has turned again (and again)
always the same
yet ever changing
rearranging the pieces of its heart
so all can be a part of this
rambling rolling land
the two legged
the four legged
the infinitesimal and the grand      
the creeping
the crawling
the water bound and winged
and those hidden or unseen
I bow to your bidding
and come out to scrunch my toes
in your dirt

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