For those of you interested in the author of this blog or how it came about, I will do my best here to edify that interest. It is my belief that the words speak for themselves, so I will endeavor to keep this brief and focused on what matters.
In 2000, I moved. This in itself is an interesting story, which at some point I may feel guided to share in it’s entirety; some of which can already be found in a book I wrote and published in 2008, entitled, Walking With Trees. At some point I plan to make this book available on this site; for now, those with any interest in the book can find it on line through various book sellers.
It wasn’t long after the move that the property began to reveal itself to me as sacred land. Overtime I was drawn into it’s world of wonder, magic, and daily miracles. I use the term “miracles” here loosely, as I have learned that the extraordinary is the ordinary, just waiting to be witnessed and acknowledged.
Sometimes I was drawn in subtly, sometimes I was drawn in kicking and screaming. Sometimes the messages were immediate and clear, sometimes they were like small seeds that took their time in unfolding; some of which continue to unfold today. Here on this land, I have heard, seen, felt and even smelled amazing things – – life changing things. Many of these things we experience as children, but tend to forget, or are guided to put away or hide in the recesses of our souls.
I was reunited with the trees (most important entities in my early childhood) and I reconnected with creatures and beings that I had long since put aside as myth, legend, fairy tales or simply the imaginings of a child. They are here – – – among us still and I have been urged to share their wonders and their presence with you.

So to borrow some words from Diane Akerman, my goal here is to be “as a messenger of wonder….as an architect of peace” [from her poem entitled SCHOOL PRAYER, which can be found on this blog}.


4 Responses to About

  1. Julie says:

    your hand is to the pen or keyboard, what a fairy is to the tree…


  2. Meagan says:

    I would love to see something on your ‘About’ page. I love what you have done and written so far. I love you and am so proud of you mom!


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