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“The End of Living and the Beginning of Survival”

In  1855 Chief Seattle warned the white settlers of America that “when the secret corners of the forests are heavy with the scent of many men” it would signal “the end of living and the beginning of survival.”

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Worth Repeating… for Summer Solstice

I came across the post below when I was looking at some comments….I found it to be a great reminder for myself, so I am repeating it for you….. Happy Solstice. Holiday Message From the Trees Posted on November 21, … Continue reading

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Coming Through the Veil (“Yes Virginia , there is a veil”)

‎By P. R. Lowe, copyright© 6/‎24/‎2019 I awoke…(or did I?) and I was lying, outstretched, on the ground with my head resting on a man’s arm. He was also outstretched on the soft turf beside me. We were chatting about … Continue reading

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Flipping the switch….

October 9, 2018 by P. R. Lowe when you flip the switch to living what you believe, from believing what you live…everything changes. everything……..

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The Box

The Box by P. R. Lowe, Copyright May 13, 2018 I grabbed myself some dark and a piece of quiet and carried them out into the woods like a sandwich like a picnic and I devoured them before day break … Continue reading

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Beautiful Ghost

by P.R. Lowe I move outside the window and into the trees upward with birds a part of the wind I float back again ever so lightly lest I break the beautiful stillness I move like a ghost through the … Continue reading

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Thru the Window

  Copyright © December 9, 2017 by P. R. Lowe Snowing. I am reminded, gently. The trees are glorious. They whisked in my window this morning, as I drew back the curtain, and wrapped my heart in their presence…and all … Continue reading

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