Coming Through the Veil (“Yes Virginia , there is a veil”)

‎By P. R. Lowe, copyright© 6/‎24/‎2019

I awoke…(or did I?) and I was lying, outstretched, on the ground with my head resting on a man’s arm. He was also outstretched on the soft turf beside me. We were chatting about our future and if there might be any children in it. Twins, perhaps?
There seemed to be what was farm equipment of some sort near by and sweet earthy smells. We were in a good mood. We had been looking for our dog, Jack, all morning and our neighbor across the ridge had just found him and sent him sliding down the big hill behind the fence. We had laughed with relief and at Jack, looking so silly sliding on his butt with a goofy grin on his face.
There was a great feeling of joy and satisfaction in this place and time. I had no thought of ever leaving it…and yet I began to feel a sort of intrusion…although “intrusion” isn’t quite the right word (I’m not sure what is)….something was changing. It didn’t feel unpleasant, just unexpected and a bit unsettling. I began to feel something under my right hand…what was that?….a furry warm cat’s belly? and soft little paws caressing my fingers as I rubbed her belly? We had no cats!
Things around me began to feel less solid and a bit wavy. I concentrated on the man next to me and his voice and the cat was gone….but she came back…each time a little stronger and for a little longer. I opened my left eye just a wee slit….which felt strange as I thought my eyes were already open. It was like I had two sets of eyes…one here and one somewhere else (or was it the other way round?) I saw a pale violet substance floating above us…like a piece of sheer fabric…like the scarves they drape you with at the acupuncturist’s or the ones they sometimes use in dance. A veil, for lack of a better word. Actually “veil” is a perfect word, as it grew larger and began to float gently over everything… not touching, but just there hovering (I realized) between where I was and where I was going.
The violet hue began deepening and the cat’s presence was getting stronger… the man and Jack growing more transparent and purple until they were almost gone completely. I remember thinking “No! Don’t open the other eye! Stay where you are with this lovely man and your beloved dog, Jack!” But the eyes opened on another place and time. I was in my bed, in an entirely different world, rubbing my cat’s belly. Although the man and jack were still there. I could feel them more than see them, as the veil was darkening in color and everything had switched sides. I don’t know how else to explain it. I tried to hang onto them for as long as I could…it felt so good to be there with them. But I was passing through this “veil” and leaving them behind..or was it ahead? I was now solidly planted in my room, here and now.. feeling a bit bereft and wondering what “here and now” was…really?
Eventually all was gone except my bedroom ceiling, the fan blades going round and round and a sweet furry cat, named Gwynfedd by my side, purring as if to say, “I wondered when you’d be back.” I remembered it was Monday, there was no man or dog or farm here and I had a real-time (what ever that is) “to do list” that I really didn’t want to do.(So I’m writing this instead).
As the morning has progressed I’ve grown more solid in this place but also know a part of me, or another me is still with Jack.
The other place was not the USA, I don’t even think the man and I were speaking English and yet I understood him perfectly. It was all very vivid, very solid, very real. Where ever it was (is) I was happy and that’s what drew me there again. Or is “again” even correct? It’s not really back or forward, its more like in between. And that’s what I choose to call it …the other side of the veil. Passing through the veil.
I’ve had these experiences before, let’s call them trips, for they are NOT dreams… very different than a dream. These are real places that are in my past, in my future, or concurrently happening beside this me, here and now. They are all me. And some of them I have gone to more than once.
And I don’t always have to be sleeping to go.

Now in my “here time” kitchen,(what else to all it?) Gwynnfedd is softly mewing for her breakfast, and I am thinking of Jack and the man. I sigh hoping to see them again and start my day.

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Flipping the switch….

October 9, 2018

by P. R. Lowe

when you flip the switch to living what you believe, from believing what you live…everything changes. everything……..

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The Box

The Box
by P. R. Lowe, Copyright May 13, 2018
I grabbed myself some dark
and a piece of quiet
and carried them out into the woods
like a sandwich
like a picnic
and I devoured them before day break
before the sounds came back
before the traffic and the noise of doing
doing doing doing
before they found me
for they had followed me again
trying to catch me
put me in a box with the others
with out any dark, or quiet, or stillness
just a heat lamp of light that buzzed
and burned the skin and assaulted the ears
and a bunch of hurrying scurrying creatures
that I had no desire to be with
I would find a crack in their crude construct
and I would squeeze out
into the cool quiet forest
and I’d grab me some dark
and a piece of quiet
and I would head deeper
into the woods
and have a picnic with the faeries

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Beautiful Ghost

by P.R. Lowe
I move outside the window
and into the trees
upward with birds
a part of the wind
I float back again
ever so lightly
lest I break the beautiful stillness
I move like a ghost
through the box
that seems to separate
me from them
but it does not
I host a beautiful ghost
that lives with trees
sings with birds
and pollinates with bees
carries away the seed with the wind
and brings the moon ’round
again and again
flies through the night
and travels the skies
with cosmic cape
and diamond star eyes
and lies in the ground
under blankets of snow
rises with sunlight
to light up the show
It tip toes around
my bedroom at night
kissing my soul
so that I am all right

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Thru the Window


Copyright © December 9, 2017

by P. R. Lowesnow trees

Snowing. I am reminded, gently. The trees are glorious. They whisked in my window this morning, as I drew back the curtain, and wrapped my heart in their presence…and all was right with the world.


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Sylvan Lines

Copyright © December 6, 2017

by P. R. Lowe

She lives in that place of spine and sinew

of life that runs through the pine and the willow

and lines of silver rippling through the earth

just below the surface tying all trees together as one

and sending messages to the sun and beyond

no cell phone required

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There Be Fairies Here


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