Flipping the switch….

October 9, 2018

by P. R. Lowe

when you flip the switch to living what you believe, from believing what you live…everything changes. everything……..

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The Box

The Box
by P. R. Lowe, Copyright May 13, 2018
I grabbed myself some dark
and a piece of quiet
and carried them out into the woods
like a sandwich
like a picnic
and I devoured them before day break
before the sounds came back
before the traffic and the noise of doing
doing doing doing
before they found me
for they had followed me again
trying to catch me
put me in a box with the others
with out any dark, or quiet, or stillness
just a heat lamp of light that buzzed
and burned the skin and assaulted the ears
and a bunch of hurrying scurrying creatures
that I had no desire to be with
I would find a crack in their crude construct
and I would squeeze out
into the cool quiet forest
and I’d grab me some dark
and a piece of quiet
and I would head deeper
into the woods
and have a picnic with the faeries

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Beautiful Ghost

by P.R. Lowe
I move outside the window
and into the trees
upward with birds
a part of the wind
I float back again
ever so lightly
lest I break the beautiful stillness
I move like a ghost
through the box
that seems to separate
me from them
but it does not
I host a beautiful ghost
that lives with trees
sings with birds
and pollinates with bees
carries away the seed with the wind
and brings the moon ’round
again and again
flies through the night
and travels the skies
with cosmic cape
and diamond star eyes
and lies in the ground
under blankets of snow
rises with sunlight
to light up the show
It tip toes around
my bedroom at night
kissing my soul
so that I am all right

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Thru the Window


Copyright © December 9, 2017

by P. R. Lowesnow trees

Snowing. I am reminded, gently. The trees are glorious. They whisked in my window this morning, as I drew back the curtain, and wrapped my heart in their presence…and all was right with the world.


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Sylvan Lines

Copyright © December 6, 2017

by P. R. Lowe

She lives in that place of spine and sinew

of life that runs through the pine and the willow

and lines of silver rippling through the earth

just below the surface tying all trees together as one

and sending messages to the sun and beyond

no cell phone required

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There Be Fairies Here


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A Holiday Message From the Trees

“Drop your shoulders…release the darkness…come out of the smog and into the light…relax your body and soul and spirit…be at peace with yourself and your world. copyright:  Nov 21, 2017, P.R.Lowe

“You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” _Eleanor Brownn


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