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My Mountain

by Margie Anderson copyright © June 22, 2017 That’s my mountain My trees My wind My hollows And you went and put your tower on it! Staked your claim so high to out distance my grim face to stand in … Continue reading

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Strange Berry Update

Same vine about a week later …..the effects of Chem trail residue?? *see post, “Strange Berries, Strange Days”. “Strange Days Indeed” _ John Lennon

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Strange Berries, Strange Days

June 22, 2017 I went out this morning to pick a few blackberries, intent on leaving most of them for the bears and other critters…just wanted a taste, as there is nothing quite like a fresh berry outta the hot … Continue reading

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What were we built for…

‘If we were built…what were we built for? … Why do we have this amazing collection of sinews, senses, and sensibilities? Were we really designed in order to recline on the couch, extending our wrists perpendicular to the floor so … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day, Earth

I am here, in this natural environment, more than I am not. And it is a “living breathing organism that I respond to”, as if I were a cell in its bowels; and like the “slight and the obvious intertwined” … Continue reading

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