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Sweet Soul

by P. R. Lowe Copyright © March 26,2017 Joy was her game and love came in each footfall The call of something ethereal in her ways filling my days with smiling her beguiling scent never knowing anyone like her before … Continue reading

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Unwitnessing Fool

sometime in late August by P. R. Lowe Sometimes it is so much easier to turn the face away… to be an “unwitnessing fool”…for when you see…or know…then, you are compelled to do something…and if you do not, you are … Continue reading

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Amazing “Goings-On”

by P. R. Lowe some time in late may Amazing and wonderful things happen here… I had been up since 4:30 AM. Woke up with bad shit in my head and a grieving heart. I pulled my lavender-raccoon into my … Continue reading

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Nicotine Sunset

by P.R.Lowe Copyright © July 20, 2015 (from Brother, Sister -written in1972) Sorrow in the city hangs around the sunset like a plague and the nicotine ring around its fingers is a symptom of our dis-ease If I could kiss … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom 1

“Do not ask what the world needs…rather, ask what makes you come alive; then go do it. For what the world needs is people who have come alive.”_George Bernard Shaw “There has been only one Christian. They caught and crucified … Continue reading

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