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By Thomas Lowe Copyright © by P. R. Lowe, July 20, 2015 (from Brother, Sister) My heart sings alike with the hot wind across miles of rolling desolation and the cry of a hawk killing in the shattering brightness of … Continue reading

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The Precipice of Pan

by P. R. Lowe copyright © May 25, 2015 The power that rocks and bends the tree is the same that lies within me The awesome splendor of nature unleashed releases that which I am and I dream of kings … Continue reading

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Diary of a Mad Hatter

Sometime in late February panicky, drumming birds at my window. at dawn. dead finches in the snow. frozen pipes and grumpy guts. it’ll pass soon, I tell myself – everything does. They’ve been at it again. Those *%#king lines in … Continue reading

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Embodiment of Grace

Copyright © September 18, 2010, by P. R. Lowe The presence of the great black oak soothed me after a day of imagined difficulties and I knew instantly: ……trees are the embodiment of grace in a world that seems to … Continue reading

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