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Deep in the Forest (or What One Believes)

copyright © August 30, 2017 by P. R. Lowe What one believes becomes real on some level, but often what one believes is an illusion created by external forces. Often the surreptitious information from these sources has shifted the wiring … Continue reading

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Peace in the World

When the power of love overcomes the love of power then there will be peace in the world. _Jimi Hendrix

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Lost and Found

by P. R. Lowe copyright © May 22, 2017 (I found this poem yesterday while “cleaning out”, it was tacked to an old cork board…no date no title, but it speaks volumes) I do not long for love that consumes … Continue reading

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Sweet Soul

by P. R. Lowe Copyright © March 26,2017 Joy was her game and love came in each footfall The call of something ethereal in her ways filling my days with smiling her beguiling scent never knowing anyone like her before … Continue reading

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Finding Solace

copyright © Feb 6,2017 by P. R. Lowe Find solace in bird song, true joy in a bear cub’s eyes, feel a wind upon your face that does not lie and know trees that speak unfaltering love

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Garden Space

Relationships are like gardens; if left unattended they wither and die or grow over with weeds._P. R. Lowe

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Land As Community

When we see land as a community to which we belong we may begin to use* it with love and respect. _Aldo Leopold *I would feel more comfortable with the word “treat” here instead of “use”. _P. R. Lowe ***See … Continue reading

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