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Sylvan Lines

Copyright © December 6, 2017 by P. R. Lowe She lives in that place of spine and sinew of life that runs through the pine and the willow and lines of silver rippling through the earth just below the surface … Continue reading

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My Mountain

by Margie Anderson copyright © June 22, 2017 That’s my mountain My trees My wind My hollows And you went and put your tower on it! Staked your claim so high to out distance my grim face to stand in … Continue reading

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how much do you know about your cell phone???

Our smartphone addiction is costing the Earth By David Nield August 04, 2015 Mobile phones The phone ads aren’t telling you everything It never leaves your side. Your whole life is contained in its circuits. You researched its purchase more … Continue reading

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winter: to be or not to be?

..very first day of November… It is indeed November. The trees speak of it. The air sings it…my sinews feel it. It is golden, but a much different golden than October’s….deeper… more red and orange than yellow….and something else. Some … Continue reading

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What The F***?

sometime in October I was hit with one of those electrical-like jolts this morning…about 5:30 AM. I had awakened just moments before…very suddenly…wide awake…like my body knew something was traveling through the ether…coming my way. Did it hit all at … Continue reading

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…eat a computer

Yes, technology is a wondrous thing, but you cannot eat a computer or an Iphone. _P. R. Lowe

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